How much? Where do you get £6m from?

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“WHY can’t we have our say?” (Courier, November 28).

Ms Battye and her colleagues are overstepping all boundaries with no show of respect for the money they are handling badly even ignoring demands from our MP not to pull down our current library.

Everyone has their opinion on this subject but we are talking about minority and majority and the very large majority want to keep the library as it is, so why don’t they listen?

The library is running perfectly as it is and where it stands and the people are happy with where it is.

The majority thinks the building is beautiful, useful, always busy, being used by thousands of Calderdale people and visitors alike.

If it needs some refurbishing to make it better than it is now then do it because, no way is it going to cost £6 million.

Give us a breakdown list of what’s needed and the cost for each repair and replacement in full, because I would like to know where you get £6 million from, as do others.

Only a few besides the council leaders are in agreement that a new library would be better than the one that we have.

Thousands disagree. What’s the real reason why Ms Battye wants to go ahead with this stupid idea? Something’s not right, they’ve got too much power and they are ignoring the people that voted them in. Shuttle services is ridiculous and wouldn’t last. Like my grandmother always said if its not broken and working well don’t repair it.

Spend a little and let’s keep our library. Being in charge doesn’t make it yours, the people matter, start listening.

Nearly everything the council has done have failed or gone pear-shaped, they will be less than popular, listen.

Mick McBride

Moorside Gardens