How will area cope with homes?


It is nothing short of amazing the speed at which the change of use for the land and funding for the revamp of Hipperholme road junction has come through, some serious lobbying and consulting must have been going on in the Department of Transport and in Calderdale.

One wonders if it will be the same for the forthcoming planning permission for housing at South Edge Quarry? Whilst I can understand the need for improvements in traffic flow at the junction I am afraid that the proposals will prove to be a total waste of tax payers money yet again, following the 2008 road improvements, which have been a total failure hence waste of tax payers money; the present proposals will be an even bigger failure. These changes are being done with the support of the property developer hoping to develop South Edge Quarry, building some 400 (?) houses. Perhaps he would be better helping to build a new infants school to supply school places for the offspring of the 400 houses he is intending to build, in addition to the 170 houses being built on St Giles Road just down the road in Hove Edge and the houses just been completed at Tan House. Given that close to 700 houses are coming online, or will be online in the near future, in and around Hipperholme how will the road junction cope with up to 1400 cars in rush hour/school run hour?
Has Hipperholme got sufficient facilities for doctors, dentists given the increase in population that 700+ houses could bring? In considering all of the above have Calderdale Council and the MP for Calderdale taken into consideration the objections that businesses and people of Hipperholme will have to the proposals?

D M Thornber

George Street