Human right to food must come first


UK food prices have risen by 32 per cent since 2007, putting huge pressure on people on lower incomes.

In many developing countries, price rises are even more severe in parts of Malawi, the price of the staple maize doubled between 2011 and 2012. In a world where nearly a billion people are hungry, we urgently need to stem the high cost of food. Banks like Goldman Sachs are making millions speculating on food prices, and this has the effect of driving up prices. So, to tackle high prices, we must curb this excessive speculation. Legislation to do just this is currently under discussion in Europe, but the UK government, to its shame, has so far refused to back strict rules. For the sake of people in poverty both at home and abroad, the government should put the human right to food before banks’ profits. At a time when Food Banks are springing up all across our country, our own in Todmorden due to open soon, we need to be looking at the root cause of this problem.

Hilary Wilson

Park Rd