I did not oppose new store in letter

Savile Road Elland

I would ask Rosemary Lord ("Plenty of support for new story", Your say, 22 December) to read my previous letter properly before responding to it.

Nowhere in my letter did I oppose a new supermarket in Elland, nor did I mention the existing supermarkets.

The only references made were to independent shops for their personal service! So really, half of Rosemary Lord's letter is just going over old ground which I never mentioned.

Nowhere in my letter did I say that many Ellanders are opposed to the supermarket proposal (the headline wasn't mine). What I did say was, "In regard to previous letters, saying the 'majority' of Ellanders were in favour, it depends on who you ask. Just like another 'majority' would be opposed, so which would be the true majority?"

The people who attended the meetings being in favour or the ones who stayed away being against? In other words, majorities mean nothing, unless everybody is asked.

The last paragraph of my letter in the Courier read "Finally may I offer a bit of advice to the Courier online nerds who are all in favour, just order online and have it delivered".

How on earth can it be construed that people who do not shop online are nerds beggars belief, but yet that is what Rosemary Lord accuses me of saying, so how can she find it insulting and offensive when I didn't say it?

Personally, I believe a new supermarket will be built in Elland, not from peer pressure, but because the council need the money from the rates a new store will bring in.

Geoff Smith