I encourage others to
take up apprenticeships

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I feel I must reply to some of the e-mails sent in regarding my winning the apprentice of the year for the Yorkshire & Humberside region.

I would like to first of all state that when I started the apprenticeship it was open to everyone in my store and all the B&Q stores in the Yorkshire and Humberside region. Only two of us applied from a store staff of 70 at Halifax. This year two have applied from my store. It does mean a lot of extra work and learning sessions to attend and is by no means a cakewalk. It takes up dinner hours and sizeable chunks of your own time. It would be interesting for these people who write in to say that by my taking an apprenticeship place is stopping some young person from doing the course get their information from. The course needs applicants and I fulfilled that need. I also know that a number of starters did not even complete the course which is a great pity. To conclude I would point out that my store manager has made a point of having me talk to likely candidates in store to try to encourage them to undertake the apprenticeship.

David Holbrook

Customer Advisor

B&Q Halifax