I feel sorry for hospital staff but the residents need parking too

In response to the letter submitted by J.Crawshaw, can I say that I also feel sorry for the shopkeepers in and around the hospital, I also feel sorry for the staff of the hospital who do a fantastic job looking after our health.

They have to park on the streets around the hospital because the management of Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Trust do not supply them with adequate parking spaces, some of them have to travel long distances and when they get to work they are driving round in circles to find a parking space to try and get round this I have had cars parking up on my road from 7.15 onwards and sitting there eating a sandwich, just so they can get to work on time.

Apparently there were plans to build a multi storey outside the new maternity block but there were objections from the residents of Godfrey Road who said that it would block their views and light, but they dont have to worry about the parking do they?

All of the houses on that road have drives and garages with parking for more than 3 or 4 cars and they also have residents parking, I live on one of the adjacent roads and because of this there are times when I cannot park on my own road when I get home from work and if there are members of staff on a late shift it is sometimes it is after 9.00pm before some of the cars leave to go home.

The only complaint that I have against the staff that park on our road is the spaces that they leave, taking up a space where two cars could park.

I have asked several members of hospital staff to respect the residents by parking a bit better only to be sworn at.

I have had my car scratched by people who are desperate to park either to get to work or to attend an appointment. One person was asked if she realised that she had hit my car and got the response that I should not have parked so close to her, it was a red rover and I am just waiting until she parks here again and I will ask her to cover the cost of the repair, some chance!

Another thing that peole do not realise is that staff from “The Halifax” at Copley are also parking up on Skircoat Green and are being picked up by a shuttle bus to take them to work.

This is the reason why I and many other residents are pestering our local councillors for residents parking, because if the residents of St.Annes, St.Bevans and St.Ives are unable to park there is nowhere else for us to park as there is either residents parking or restricted parking everywhere else in the area.

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