I’ll continue to follow Churchill’s example

Bar Lane

Sowerby Bridge

I am, of course, grateful for the advice of Tories Peter Holmes (Your say, May 13) and John Crabtree (Your say, May 18) that I should abandon support for AV as a step towards Proportional Representation.

However, with respect, I feel Peter’s admission that he cannot understand what such support means devalues his opinions on the issue and confirms me in favouring Winston Churchill’s example in advocating it for Germany and that of the majority of developed nations who have adopted it.

John Crabtree’s suggestion that because AV/PR failed to gain majority support in the recent poll, I should meekly abandon opposition to First Past the Post is certainly contrary to Winston’s renowned referral to admit defeat and, indeed, the Conservative Party’s failure to do so in the fact of repeated trouncing by Labour in polls prior to the recent general election.

I’m sorry to disappoint Messrs Holmes and Crabtree but I will continue to follow Churchill’s example, rather then their suggestions in such matters.

Bob Heys

(Chair, Ryburn Liberal