I’m Alright, Jack - but union members are following their leaders like sheep

Peter Sellers as Fred Kite and Ian Carmichael as Stanley Windrush in I'm All Right Jack (1959)
Peter Sellers as Fred Kite and Ian Carmichael as Stanley Windrush in I'm All Right Jack (1959)

Years ago I saw a film with Peter Sellers as a militant trade union official called ‘I’m alright Jack’.

Well the recent public sector strike reminded me of this.

The Labour party, once a voice of the working class, has now become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the subsidised public sector.

They portray public sector workers including dinner ladies, nurses, fire-fighters and paramedics all united by a spirit and self-sacrifice holding our country together when they are nothing more than sheep being lead to slaughter by the union barons, one of the most antagonistic being Dave Prentis.

Well all it did last week was allow airports and passport control to run smoothly, job centres to carry on as normal and regrettably the people who suffered most were our school children who lost a day’s education and their parents who had to look after them.

School headteachers will secure a pension of £50k on retiring, to receive that in the private sector you would probably have to rob a bank and salt away £1mils.

Meanwhile at the Trafford Centre, Bluewater and BrentCross shopping malls, all were bursting at the seams where some teachers are reported as saying ‘its good to have a great day out shopping’.

These latest strikes have left Ed Milliband, the Labour Party, the Trade Unions and their gold plated pension leaders looking weak, misguided and irresponsible.

I would not go as far as petrol head Jeremy Clarkson who’s comments went too far, but his arrogance like the union leaders has proved that the government has nothing to fear from the unions.

The task of reforming the public sector can now begin in earnest. By the way, I was self-employed and paid dearly for a private pension.

Now in my mid 80s I can look back and think to myself like Frank Sinatra, I did it my way.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green