I’m appalled at mess this country is in

I am an ordinary bloke who has seen it all from Edward VIII abdication, a Labour government elected after WWII, the Profumo affair that put paid to a Tory government amongst many other major happenings.

I have always been interested in both local and national politics but I am appalled at the shambolic mess this country of ours is now in.

From the top in Parliament, the top of our supposedly honest police force, the appalling deceit of the News of the World and News International in particular, one can only feel utter disgust at the emerging revelations.

Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and our present Prime Minister David Cameron have all been sucking up to News International and in particular the connection to Rebekah Brooks.

All have wined, dined and entertained her and her cronies including disgraced Andy Coulson, Call me Dave’s best mate. Cameron ignored advice from all quarters, employing a man of dubious character at the very least, well now along with his friends of ‘the Chipping Norton set’ he is about to pay the price.

Sir Ian Blair, former Chief Commissioner under Teflon Tony’s watch was forced out and now Sir Paul Stephenson is going under Call me Dave’s watch, additionally his deputy John Yates is under a dark cloud.

After all the scandal and disgrace over MPs’ expenses fiddles some of whom were slapped on the wrist and given light prison sentences, all we needed was a supposed corrupt police force and a supposed corrupt News International corporation.

Red Ed and his whiter than white shadow ministers can blurt on all they want as they are far from blameless in all of this but a big question mark will remain.

The whole truth may never fully emerge but British politics and the integrity of our police force and especially the Murdoch news corporation will be forever damaged leaving the British Public doubtful whether we can trust these groups again.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green