I’m not falling for it, Charles

Ladstone Towers

Sowerby Bridge

I received a phone call this lunchtime (number witheld) asking for a Mrs Wendy, I decided not to go into too much detail to young Charles from somewhere abroad and just asked what he wanted.

Charles was offering me a cash refund, some money owing to me from a bank loan I had many years ago. Wow, someone owes me money! Hold on I thought, what loan? Never had one.

So what firm are you from Charles, didn’t understand what he said but told him I’d never had a bank loan so then he said it was a personal loan so asked Charles who had supplied it to me, no answer to that question but wanted to know how to get the monies owed on to me... Ah now I see, pass on bank details to Charles from wherever to he can refund this money from wherever.

Sorry Charles but Mrs Wendy ain’t taking the bait... so please be careful on the phone regarding personal banking details.

Mrs Wendy Buxton