I’m proud to be a Calderdale councillor

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Skircoat Moor Road


You have recently had correspondence on the Courier’s letters page expressing cynicism and a ‘tar them all with the same brush’ attitude towards local politics.

I would like to say that I could not be more proud to be elected as the Labour and Co-operative Party Councillor to represent Sowerby Bridge Ward and would like to thank the voters who elected me.

I have campaigned for some years in the ward for the Labour Party and this year we ran a vigorous campaign putting out around 9,000 leaflets and letters. There was activity from local Labour Party members and from other parts of Calderdale who helped out. All this help was needed and appreciated.

However I would not be so ready to condemn areas where the prospects for a particular party being elected are low and activists in short supply.

Sowerby Bridge was the only ward in Calderdale where a Labour Party candidate defeated an incumbent Tory Councillor. Given this Tory/Liberal Democrat Government’s policies, I’d suggest the voters of Sowerby Bridge ward are ahead of the curve and next year we will start to see Tory seats fall to Labour in Calderdale and nationally.

Councillor Dave Draycott

Labour and Co-operative Party