I survived the days of tap water only!

I am sure all Calderdale residents will welcome the input from Kinvara Carey from the Natural Hydration Council regarding the intake of water, which I found not a bit patronising.

We all remember the dark days which I feel future historians will refer to a BBW (before bottled water). These were parlous times when children were found under horse-chestnut trees with shattered skulls or suffered horrendous injuries playing conkers without the required safety equipment. When people scampered up ladders without the necessary awareness certificate.

All of us worked in establishments that were TWO (tap water only), most of us could survive the mornings but in early afternoon, when dehydration kicked in, there was a frantic stampede to the cold water tap. Alas some of our more elderly and less nimble colleagues were trampled in the rush. Having survived BBW I offer my services to Calderdale as Dehydration Cessation officer in order to spread the word on this recently discovered elixir.

J K Akroyd

Moor End Road