I think town has gone downhill

Oak Terrace, Tuel Lane

Sowerby Bridge

In response to the article re Sowerby Bridge being an incredible place to live, I would like to make a few amendments. Sowerby Bridge USED to be a nice place to live. Yes, the people are mostly lovely and friendly, always have been. But now it’s overcrowded, always clogged up with traffic. Can’t park near the shops if you aren’t able to walk far, so several shops, particularly on Town Hall Street have opened and closed because customers could only drive through. Sometimes takes you ten minutes to drive from the top of Tuel Lane, to the bottom, and as for getting out from Station Road.

Yes, we have a lovely new swimming baths, gym centre, but now there is no parking when visiting the doctors, and as for the so-called lovely New market. Well it’s a draughty old hole in winter, too small and how people can sit and get a lung full of car fumes whilst enjoying the cafe I’ll never know.

Everywhere has turned into a tip since the refuge collection began, upturned bins and rubbish strewn about. Yes, the people of Sowerby Bridge are lovely, but it’s not a nice place any more. Thanks all you councillors etc, who live somewhere else now and have pushed all these extra buildings on us, Lucky you who live in the leafy lanes elsewhere.

Valerie Mellor