I was banned for speeding on my zimmer frame!

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Since so much has been said in the press about the awful service provided by some authorities I would like to put the record straight and thank the Calderdale Hospital Trust for their most professional and caring treatment during my stay; having suffered a stroke on March 2, 2012 and returning home on April 10.

In that short time I was taught how to eat, talk, keep myself clean and dress myself by very professional and dedicated staff.
Thanks also to the physiotherapists who taught me so well they even had to ban me from using the wheeled zimmer frame because I was too fast and a danger to myself and other patients - being the first person to be so banished! What I was not prepared for was the frustration of not being in charge of myself, such as not being able to remember the days or dates and worst of all being told I should never be able to drive again.
A great thank you must go to the home visits from care workers and therapists and also my husband, children, grandchildren, neighbours and friends who have popped in just to sit with me, threading needles with cotton while I did a stint on the sewing machine.

Leila Spencer

Hollins Lane

Sowerby Bridge