I was bottom of class in religious study

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Jubilee Road


WILLIAM Marshall’s recent article about his life in school regarding the teaching of scripture and science reflects my own experiences which may be amusing to readers.

I was always of the opinion that religion was for church, not for school - that was before I knew the difference between religion and Christianity.

I suppose I would describe myself as rather fundamentalist and the idea of God working for six days and resting on Sunday is silly. We usually rest after work, not before it!

In fact, the Bible says God started His work on the first day (Sunday), completed His work on the sixth day (Friday) and rested and specially blessed the seventh day (Saturday), the day we name after Saturn, the seventh planet!

Don’t let the EEC’s meddling with the calendar fool you on this point! Your free choice in this matter is either man’s tradition or God’s command!

The two lessons, scripture and science at my school were very interesting in that the teachers could be diverted from the subjects and talk about things of real importance to life.

Due to the fact my science subject was physics rather than biology, it was long after I left school that I first heard of Charles Darwin and his ideas which have not been able to dislodge my trust in Christ, based upon my life’s experiences.

Amusingly, people who know me are surprised, I usually came bottom of the class for religious knowledge and top for science!

Graham Rigby