If my cat messes in your garden, I’ll come round and clean it up

Unlike dogs, cats are 'free spirit' animals
Unlike dogs, cats are 'free spirit' animals

Ok, let’s climb on the bandwagon, shall we! I am a cat owner! Yes, I am sorry Mr L. Foster, but I am, and my cats do ‘roam wild’.

However, I do agree that Paul Carter was put under pressure, and that action needed to be taken, but did he really need to carr y this out in such an immature and aggressive manner?

As far as I can see, the neighbour is not entirely blameless in this matter, either.

I consider myself a responsible pet owner, and, not only do I regularly inspect and clean the areas surrounding my own property, despite the fact that I am not the only cat owner, I have told all my neighbours not to suffer in silence any problems caused by my cats.

If the cats should foul their property, and I am informed, I will happily clean up after them, and, should they damage any plants, I will replace them or refund the cost.

I have also provided any neighbours, who have been affected, with repellent sprays and crystals.

This is what I consider to be part of being a responsible cat owner, just as a scoop and a plastic bag is for a dog owner, so, surely, a little communication and co-operation could have diffused this situation before it went so far, and before it gave others the opportunity to develop it into dog versus cat warfare.

A final word about birds - sadly, this is nature. A cat is a predator with a highly developed hunting instinct along with many other species of wildlife that ‘roam wild’, even in the town centres.

Also, he is unable to categorise between a bird and a mouse, and, therefore, can not understand why he is praised for catching one, but condemned for catching the other.

Patricia M. Child