Improve Heritage facilities

What a fabulous time my sister and I had in Halifax, during the Heritage Weekend on 8th - 9th Sept.

The weather was just perfect, and my sister who was visiting for the weekend, remarked on how welcoming everyone had been. Together, we visited local churches, an Industrial Museum, and Lister Lane Cemetery. We also visited The People’s Park in Halifax, and found this to be a real gem. The gardens were beautiful - a real credit to the Parks Dept. However, upon visiting the new space age toilet block in the park, we found the toilets to be quite Dickensian. They were so dirty, that my sister and I quickly left, for fear of contracting cholera! How can we ever hope to attract visitors to our town, with facilities in such a state? Later, we visited the Gibbet on Gibbet Street. Our visit here would have been made much more interesting if a plaque had been erected informing us of its by-gone use. We also visited the new Broad Street Plaza, which was certainly not “ bristling with customers “, as reported in the Sept. 7th edition of the Courier. In view of the controversy surrounding the building of another retail shopping outlet, it appears to me that the Broad Street Plaza will be quite sufficient for Halifax. As a relative newcomer to the area, I feel that the retention of Halifax’s traditional heritage , and the provision of clean and efficient facilities will go a long way towards attracting more visitors.

Jennifer Wolfenden