Improved bus service to hospital should be priority

I refer to the latest item in the Courier March 27, 2012 regarding the proposed new library and the councillors on about using consultants once again for a third consultation on this issue, what a waste of public/rate payers money.

The councillors are also on about wider future improvement plans to improve the town centre but what are these plans, from what I’ve seen over the past few years nothing these people do seems to make any improvements but quite the opposite.

Before the councillors waste any more money on these pie in the sky ideas perhaps the money they are wasting could be better spent on rectifing the problems they have already caused in the Calderdale Royal Hospital area.

I have been approached by several people with major concerns re the grid locking of traffic in this area made worse by the roadworks in Dudwell Lane. But one of the main concerns from the people I have spoken to is the lack of a bus service to serve the hospital facilities directly, using the stops in Dryclough Lane and Godfrey Road.

Surely the councillors should know that lots of the people who use this facility are elderly, disabled and parents with prams etc and that’s why a direct link is essential.

I accept that there are bus services presently operating along Huddersfield Road which lots of people will think should be adequate, but when you consider the serious problems lots of people have trying to get across this road and up the incline into the hospital it’s very unfair. People may think that they could use taxis but with prices between £3.50 - £4.00 from the town centre not many can afford this, particularly if attending regularly.

I have already approached some councillors, Metro and bus operators about an improved service to serve the hospital, but unfortunately, without some sort of funding and a vast improvement to the traffic flows in this area this would not be possible.

So come on you Councillors you’re responsible for the problems, so instead of wasting more and more money on other stupid schemes get this sorted first.

Dave Regan

Siddal Lane