Improving Piece Hall, or is it vandalism?


When first informed of the Piece Hall improvements I shared many people’s concerns.

Then we were reassured the traders would not leave the Piece Hall and they could have units not being worked on and when their units were finished they would move back to their improved units.
We now know this will not happen and with the financial state of the country, I feel some if not all these traders will go out of business.
As I live near Leeds I have seen first hand what happens when the council makes so called improvements, you have only to look at the Corn Exchange in Leeds it is a shadow of it’s former self.
Now we know traders will be moved out during the period of so called improvements, I have now heard the council intend to replace the stone cobbles in the court yard of the Piece Hall. One must ask the question are they mad to remove these cobbles and replace them with new materials which may not be inkeeping with the Piece Hall?
We visit Halifax every month and I am sure like many this will push us to shop in other towns.
Therefore, the question is, is this an improvement or vandalism to the Piece Hall? What comes first people or councils who may not spend as much time in the Piece Hall as we do.?
I did send an email to the council and have not yet had a reply.

David Speight