In don’t like the begging calls . . .

Once again I receive through the post charity raffle tickets, this time for Parkinson’s a worthy cause I know but sadly will be returning to sender.

This last few weeks I have received raffle tickets, requests for donations and monthly direct debit payments from charities concerning children from home and overseas needing dental, eye, cleft palate and malaria treatment and other poverty problems.

I have been asked to donate to Cancer Research, Heart Foundation, Altzeimers and Diabetic Socity etc not forgetting Blind Veterans, Help for Heroes and now Sport Relief, again all worthwhile.

I wish I could help everyone through their financial problems but sadly my bank account tells me I have to make choices so I try to help local hospice Overgate, our Yorkshire Air Ambulance and for personal help I receive I like to help Diabetic and Motability so there we are we can only help so many however much we would love to give. Always like give to a bit for our Heroes too.

The ones I don’t like are begging phone calls like the one I got from the very famous childrens hospital recently and felt very guilty having to say no to a very nice lady but needs must.

In about 6 months I’ll be sending for my Charity Christmas cards again, oh well never mind I suppose even a little will help someone

Wendy Buxton

Ladstone Towers