Informed decisions or emotional responses?

It is well known throughout industry that you cannot control what you don’t measure.

It is my believe therefore that the council have no verifiable figures to show the actual number of dog waste collections, or the number of stray dogs, or the number of formal complaints regarding unacceptable dog behaviour that occurs within the Borough during a given year.

It the Council did have these figures to support the case for dog control orders then I am sure they would be readily available and freedom of information requests would not be necessary.

Does the Council believe that in a time of financial hardship for most residents of Calderdale that the number of stray dogs will increase from the assumed figure of a few hundred seized and detained each year, Page 4 Para 5 Dog Control Orders Consultation document.

Would it not be beneficial for all parties involved in the debate to consider a time related Control Order.

For arguments sake say between the hours of 8:30 am to 7:00 pm dogs to be on a lead at all times in the public areas.

This gives main family time without major dog interference, it also facilitates those people going to work time to exercise their dogs.

I am sure that with compromise on both sides of the debate an acceptable and fair conclusion can be achieved.

J Hudson