Insight to Milliband vision

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Raw Lane Halifax

Congratulations are surely due to Labour for boldly retaining their seat in last weeks by-election.

Although, this outcome was perhaps a bit predictable considering it was held in a bygone northern mill town during a period of savage but necessary spending cuts, what was less predictable, however, was that Edward of the Mili Band would treat this 'hold' as the first down payment on his future coronation ceremony.

In advising Prime Minister Cameron to change his policies and have a rethink about the cuts and the general direction in which he is taking the country, Edward has unwittingly allowed us a glimpse at the depths of his own political ambition – in other words, 'Do what the majority want and thereby win the popularity vote.'

Sorry, Edward, but haven't we been down that path before? You remember, back in the days when your old boss lionized the investment markets and was happy to tie the future of our economy firmly to the fate of fools gold.

Edward of the Mili Band is clearly hoping that both the electorate and Lib Dem politicians have very short memories and will buy into his new vision – a vision in which we can pretend that the debts of the nation amount to only the billions that we have to pay out in interest rates each and every year, and not the actual level of debt which touches 5 Trillion.

It would be nice to know exactly what the Miliband vision is, but in the absence of such information we can speculate that it might be one in which binmen are paid forty grand a year; one in which we are turned into a nation of jobsworths just to feed a bloated public sector; one in which the Union is King, and, when the workers are willing to work we employ them on vital infrastructure and building projects, the cost of which will be thrown to the National Credit Card.

If this is the Miliband vision then he is clearly hoping that the electorate is a band of silly people who can't see that defecting to Labour would hardly be a progressive move for anyone in the Coalition to make.

V Hodgkiss