Irresponsible spending decisions

Glen Terrace, Halifax

Once again we read Councillor T Swift’s comments about the economic situation and how wrong the Coalition Government has got it (Your Say, February 16). Despite being warned about the grotesque level of borrowing his government continued to spend, spend and spend and put the debt on to our children and grandchildren. Before any real cutbacks we are spending £120M every day repaying Labour’s irresponsible debts.

From 2000 - 2002 the Conservatives had overall control and in that time we managed to remove some of the silly Lib/Lab schemes like the voucher parking system in Halifax and we tried to remove some of the stupid Zones and Loops system designed clearly by people without a clue of commerce. The Conservatives rearranged the senior management positions in the council and brought a £500,000 saving - the next step was to look at the middle management structure.

Roger Taylor

(Con, Northowram and Shelf)