Is council doing enough on tax?

It is interesting to compare the rate of council tax collection in Calderdale with other local authorities across the country, especially in the context of the budget reductions that the Council is currently facing.

In 2010/11 the Council collected 96 per cent of the £78,452,150 that it would have collected if everybody liable had paid. This compares unfavourably with the 97.3 per cent national average.

These numbers are not insignificant. For example, the council had a shortfall for the year 2009/10 of £3,194,871. £403,313 of this was subsequently collected, but, compared to the national average in 2009/10 of 97.1%, the Council remains £498.210 worse off than it would have been had the collection rate in 2009/10 been the same as the national average.

The Council is clearly then not doing as much as other authorities to ensure that it receives all of the council tax owed to it and those members of the public who are suffering from service reductions and increased charges are legitimately entitled to ask why.

Samuel Stafford

Bank Buildings

Mill Bank

Sowerby Bridge