Is there another UK bus station without a loo?

I do not use the bus station at Brighouse so I have only had a passing interest on the subject of the provision of toilets.

Today I read that a councilor who does not even live in Brighouse has decided there is no need.

Well, I hope that as his age advances and he finds himself in Brighouse bus station he does not have the great urge to use a toilet.

Then I read that the cost of refurbishment of the existing toilets is estimated at £132,000.

How can an existing building with existing services cost so much to re furbish?

The word “rip-off” comes to mind.

I am also then lead to wonder if there is another bus station in the land that has not got a toilet.

The idea of using local pubs and cafes is preposterous, but I give credit to the person who thought of that idea.

I certainly could not.

D F Metcalfe

Annes Court , Southowram.