It’s because we care about our town!

New Halifax library projection
New Halifax library projection

How dismissive is Councillor Swift of’ ‘the small but very vocal group of mainly older people who are passionate about the town centre’?

It is precisely because we care, Councillor Swift. 
We may be elderly but this does not mean we lack wisdom or imagination. We have pride in our town and in the many beautiful buildings we see around us. 
We see a 1983 well-designed library serving a diverse population co-existing with the bus station, market and shops. We are proud that though Halifax was a major industrial town it was never lacking in culture. Our libraries were and are valued and should be accessible to all - even ‘the elderly and passionate’.
How challenging but refreshing had the council adopted Plan B: refurbishment of the existing library and creating a green restful space. How much more imaginative than another mediocre shopping experience. What an opportunity it would have been for councillors to demonstrate a more cultural and ‘up-market’ approach to our town. 
Crucially we live in a time of severe austerity. 
Councillors could have used this time for restraint and reflection. It is not the time for re-siting the library .

Sylvia Butler