It’s time to open up the Sustrans track

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Crow Wood Park


I refer to Peter Broadley’s letter in the Evening Courier (Your say, February 22) and also previous letters by other people on the same subject.

Myself and five other experienced cyclists did as we often do, use what we call “the Sustrans track” through Clay House Park to the partially constructed pedestrian crossing on Rochdale Road at West Vale.

We discussed the safety or non-safety of the said crossing. None of us felt that it would be a danger when completed. Without the crossing it could be considered dangerous, particularly for young children and old people, because of the amount of traffic coming both ways.

It is referred to as a “blind bend”. Well, as a retired driving instructor with 34 years experience. That can not be described as blind. It is a bend. The British Isles is full of them all over the place and hope we all know how to deal with them.

We have at the present time one redundant viaduct.

Plans have been passed and cyclists, walkers and horse riders cannot wait for them to be implemented making the “Greenway” far from redundant. Then it will be a very safe bypass of two sets of traffic lights and two main roads to Elland, Huddersfield and beyond.

Come on powers that be, get the pedestrian crossing completed and get the “Sustrans” track opened up for all concerned.

Philip Lees