It was always a done deal

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Well the deed is done.

It always seemed to be a done deal no matter what survey was done there was always a suitable explanation from the council as to why the council offices and the library were to be pulled down. So we will now expect a lot of famous high street names flooding into Halifax – probably on a cheap fixed rate to make them come and then stay for a while and then disappear- and then all the many empty shops, (which now cover the town), will be filled. Utopia by any other name. The shops opposite the new cinema in Broad Street have never been filled, why is that? Too difficult to get to with the very busy road, another well thought out plan by our council. Just as Woolshops was going to be a wonderful undercover shopping experience with famous named shops. However the famous named shops would not come so the wonderful undercover shopping experience vanished. If the scheme for moving the bus station yet again to by the station and the proposed new library what will happen to the end of town with the new cinema and the proposed new shops, will it too become a dead area. How many of the scruffy and dilapidated buildings and shops are owned by the council, how many are in need of repair through neglect like the library. There will not be any money to do them up; perhaps they will have to be pulled down too. So where are the people from the Northgate offices going? Another council property or some privately owned building for which the council will have to pay rent. Where is all this money coming from? 
Surely if asked, the people of Halifax would rather there be a cut in rates than an increase to pay for all this ill thought out development. Remember how many surveys they have asked us to do and yet they always come to the decision they want. They will run out of money; they have not got the money they need for these grandiose idea of theirs. They will have to get the money from you or we will end up like Bradford with holes in the ground. Remember next time you vote, which parties are on a spending spree (Labour/Lib-Dum) with your money. It is not theirs. Madness

B Darwin