It would be sensible to leave things alone

I would like to add my opinion to the may regarding the present situation which has risen again.

When I gathered numerous names on a petition I thought that was the end of it but nothing surprises me any more; and now Spring Hall has been dragged in. In this present financial situation, to save money, surely the most sensible thing to do is to leave things where they are. Apart from the fact that none of the suggestions are for the better.

The Library couldn’t be in a better place as regards access for the elderly and mothers with toddlers.

As for Northgate House, I remember it being built, supposedly to hold all the Council Offices in the one place. They are still all over! And I think the faults they are always on about have been grossly exaggerated! It all boils down to money.

If Primark are so desperate to come to Halifax why didn’t they come to Broad Street; it has been on the market long enough.

If Primark get to Halifax the only people who will benefit will be Primark and the other shops will suffer so how will that help Halifax?

There are plenty of places for them but they only want the ‘prime position’. There is the multi-storey store at the top of New Road (was Double A Furnishings) empty and ready to move in to and plenty of room down Horton Street where property is falling down and in a prime position hear the railway station.

Why demolish good property?

Mrs D Longbottom

West Parade