Jailing of Chaytor must be a warning

Shaw Street Holywell Green

Many MPs have spent their first week back in Parliament complaining loudly about the independent parliament standards authority, the body set up to control the abusing of expenses.

The intimidation by all MPs over their fiddling at the tax payers expense was to try and put pressure on the IPSA but they have stood firm in the interests of the British taxpayer to remind those fiddlers in Parliament that its main objective is to protect the interests of all taxpayers and not to make life cushy for serial offenders.

Now perhaps the jailing of David Chaytor, one time former councillor of Calderdale, is a warning to all crooked MPs that the British public are finally fed up of their systematic milking of taxpayers monies.

A parliamentary era that began under Old Teflon Tony promising that his party, when in office, would be purer than white, is ending with the closing of prison doors.

Now that Chaytor has got his come-uppence let us hope that other MPs get their just desserts.

What does concern me is, will all MPs who are now forced to quit Parliament receive their 54k+ taxpayer-funded goodbye payment for exiting Parliament designed to ease the blow of an MP losing his/her seat?

Let us remember they lost their seat over criminal charges and no one should be rewarded for that.

Donald Leach