Jobs and services lost to bureaucracy

The letter from Adam Wilkinson, the Labour candidate for Sowerby Bridge, is an interesting one. He seems to be suggesting that given a choice between a Chief Executive Officer costing £170,000 or recruiting 6 front-line staff looking after the elderly, his party would choose the CEO.

He also seems to imply that given a choice between 51 Councillors or 17 less, allowing £160,000 to be redeployed into employing 5 front-line staff to look after special needs children; his party would keep the extra Councillors.

He also suggests the ratepayers of Calderdale continue to pay £40,000 for the employment costs of a Unison official, when Unison - who donates money to the Labour Party - is perfectly capable of funding that individual themselves. That £40,000 saving could fund local community groups. Throw in thousands of pounds wasted on a scrapped consultation scheme for the Central Library, which they arrogantly assumed would be relocated. Money that could have paid for new library books to educate our children.

Localism means being locally accountable. So when Labour axed 250 jobs at the last budget in education, childcare and elderly care, to maintain and keep an expensive bureaucracy at Town Hall; they can hardly blame the Conservatives for the decisions they make.

Andrew Feather

(Prospective Conservative Candidate – Sowerby Bridge)