Junk Mountain is spreading...

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Westbourne Terrace

Salterhebble, Halifax

Regarding the Courier article of March 2, “Blaze at Junk Mountain”, Farrar Mill Lane.

I regularly walk past this sight and to my dismay it has now spread to the other side of the lane; a very substantial excavation of the railway embankment. I have been advised that the land in question is owned by Calderdale Council. I have been told the proprietor of Junk Mountain plans to place a static caravan in the excavation area.

I was always under the impression that in order to apply for planning permission one had to actually own the land. For someone who has already been fined £15,000 for a substantial breach of their waste allowance storage capacity, I am at a loss as to why Calderdale Council is allowing this to happen.

C Barker