Just imagine - Sky TV at the Ridings!

Although neither a sportsman or a sports spectator it was good to read about Halifax hitting the big time. I refer to the boxing at North Bridge Leisure Centre getting on to Sky TV.

It must make Halifax people more proud because it was local home grown talent like Walsh/Gladwin and co.

Also in the same Courier, Ladyship Mills held a boxing tournament to a packed house with yet more local talent appearing for Mick Rowe’s boxing club with up and coming champions like Scully and Sellars.

Boxing is a way that these young people learn discipline and it keeps them off the streets, giving them a goal in life. It was way back in 2009 that The Ridings closed and our councillors wanted a long term future for that building. On May 23, 2011 I had a letter published suggesting that Mick and his club take over The Ridings and make it into a boxing academy.

So once again, I urge the Council to let this building to Mick Rowe’s Boxing Club.

Not only will this bring in rent/rates etc it will help the future of the ‘nowhere to go’ local kids and youths. Don’t forget most of these local young boxers came through the ranks of Mick’s club.

Mick has brought thousands of kids from hanging about the streets to giving them a purpose in life.

And just think, Sky TV at The Ridings! What a boost for Halifax.

Steve Webster

Myrtle Drive