Justice system needs radical overhaul

I refer to the article “Time to shop the benefit cheats” on the front page of the Halifax Courier on September 5. Councillor Pauline Nash goes on (quite rightly) to tell of the significant sums of money lost to benefit cheats.

Later in the article we are told the investigators’ success include the prosecution of a woman from Halifax who had scammed £33,000 of benefits she was not entitled to. She received a four-month suspended prison sentence and 100 hours of unpaid work.

Another Halifax woman received a 16-week suspended sentence after admitting illegally obtaining £14,500 in benefits.

We are told benefit fraud can be reported via the hotline.

With such severe penalties imposed I feel sure we will be falling over ourselves to report these wrongdoers. Some hopes.

I despair, that until our present so-called justice system is radically overhauled the lawful members of our society will not only continue to lose out financially but in some case physically as well.

John B Thwaite

Skircoat Green