Kind lady stepped in to help my daughter travel home

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I would like to thank the very kind lady who helped my fifteen year old daughter on Saturday by paying her bus fare for her.

My daughter had finished her day working in Halifax Market, when she attempted to pay her bus fare on the 576 from Halifax to Queensbury, the bus driver refused to accept a £20 note from her.
As she had no other money, she asked him what to do, he abruptly told her to get off the bus and get it changed, when she told him that the shops were all closed, his response was that it was not his problem.
A very, very kind lady gave my daughter the £2 she needed for the bus fare. My daughter and I are extremely grateful for her kind actions. I am particularly grateful as I do not relish the thought of my daughter wandering around the town centre on her own to find change when the evenings are so dark.
I wonder if the bus driver would appreciate someone telling his young daughter to do the same? Thank you again, it’s good to know that there are still very decent people out there.

Deborah Little