Kingsgate was bad for Huddersfield

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With the end of the council’s third and hopefully last consultation on the Central Library, isn’t it about time that the council came clean and officially revealed what this new library scheme is all about?

Which is nothing more than about making way for this shopping centre development spanning the Northgate, Bus Station and Gaol Lane sorting office sites, relocating the bus station partially underground in align with Winding Road. The same sort of shopping development such as the Kingsgate Centre in Huddersfield which has had a detrimental effect on the high street by drawing the majority of the so-called big name retailers and shoppers to one location, ripping the heart out of the town in the process. Which is why the construction of a new library and archive on the site of Northgate House wasn’t even considered as an option within the last consultation, even though it is perfectly feasible and would be an ideal compromise as it would ensure that the Central Library and Archive would remain in a convenient location and at the same time allowing the entire side of the site facing Northgate to be given over to retail development. But no! The Central Library is to be dumped on the site of the former Square Church as it is the only site within close proximity of the town centre owned by Calderdale Council which can be built upon, dismissing any concerns the people of Calderdale have no matter how old or young for the sake of a shopping complex.

Michael Bradley