Lessons from the parties

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As the latest of the three party conferences draws to a close what have we learned as British taxpayers? We have learned that Teresa Mays stands on the discredited human rights act and it was the judges, lawyers do-gooders and especially that loose cannon Ken Clarke who all acted hysterically to her speech who were the ones out of touch. Cat or no cat I would advise Clarke to stay away from the Home Secretary at the next cabinet meeting as she has every right to sink her claws into his fat backside. Criticising a cabinet colleague is not on and Call me Dave should get rid of this blithering idiot once and for all.

We also learned, but it seems the Tories didn’t, that the Andy Coulson affair nearly put paid to Call me Dave but now Liam Fox is not helping his cause with his association with his best friend and former flatmate Adam Werritty. Will these politicians never learn? William Hague was more forthcoming on the EU describing it as a burning building with no fire exit. A true epitaph of Clarke’s ideals. A minister with even less sense of our plight is International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell, who every time he appears on our television screens continues to defend our overseas budget as if it was a bottomless pit. A sharp lesson in reality from Cameron is urgently needed here.

Boris Johnsons speech was a replica of last year nothing more, and his sister likes to remind us that Boris picks the fruit from his own garden and bottles it, sadly it’s a pity his antics in his personal life cannot be bottled too.

We also learn at the conference that of 11,500 accredited passes, fewer than four thousand were party members the rest were made up of journalists, lobbyists and public relations men & women. Any wonder then that the conference was only half full for Cameron’s speech? Cameron’s speech was the best of the three leaders and he showed a bit more of the old bulldog spirit and laid it on the line as it was. Boy George is still an unconvincing orator, but with the mess he was left with, he hasn’t much to play with, so it’s a wait and see situation with him.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green