Let down by waste service

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Below is the text of a complaint I have made to the council regarding waste collection.

Yet again I complain about the appalling lack of service provided by you regarding waste collection.

I have done this many times before and have come to believe that you simply are not interested in servicing the needs of the residents in your area (who are legally obliged to pay you regardless if you fulfil your obligations to them or not). Once more, after a snowfall (on 22 March) your waste collectors did not turn up to empty my bins on the designated day (25 March). Ten days later, with no apology or explanation from you, my bins are overflowing as you have still not made any collection. Those of us who are unlucky enough to have to live with the lack of service you supply re waste disposal whenever the sun isn’t shining are so, so fed up of this regular occurrence. I meet your imposed requirements and pay for the privilege. You don’t perform your part of this “bargain”! I would also like to add that I managed to get to work, with difficulty and sometimes at extra cost to me, every day during the recent inclement weather. Why can you not deliver an acceptable service when the rest of us have to cope?

David A Austin

Grove Cottages