Let gardeners make own clothes choice

Did Calderdale’s Parks Committee authorise the circular to gardeners forbidding the wearing of shorts?

This is an instance of “Nanny Council”, disrespect to an excellent workforce of skilled gardeners, who know all too well the hazards of the job.

Every gardener knows perfectly well when to wear gloves or use a kneeling mat.

Earlier this month I saw a young lady in shorts and top planting out flowers in the border behind the railings alongside the Todmorden bus stop in Hebden Bridge.

She planted 20 in one and a half minutes’ unabated work before the bus left; less than 5 seconds for three digs, one potful-drop, and four pats! Her gentlemen colleague busily employed himself by bringing trays of plants.

She should be left to decide her own attire.

Furthermore the circular, as reported, appears to favour trousers rather than the traditional skirts which pass unmentioned.

I am asking my Calderdale Councillor to raise the matter in Committee.

Frank McManus

Longfield Road