Let PM need NHS - then ask him if he loves it

David Cameron loves the NHS. Would he if... on December 18, 2011, he fell and broke his arm, like our friend did - and her nightmare began.

Went to A&E, got X-rayed and told, ‘yes it’s broken’ at the top of her arm. She was given a bit of flimsy sling and told to come back in three weeks. Returned to hospital January 5, had more X-rays, was told ‘not healing, would have to be pinned’.

Went back January 12 for blood tests and told operation would be January 23, they would confirm it.

Thursday, we took her to Huddersfield for operation, had to be there for 10am. Later that day we got a phone call to say ‘it’s been cancelled, can we bring her home’. Now the operation is on Thursday February 2.

We returned to Huddersfield on February 2, again for 10am; the operation was going to be after lunch. Friday February 3 we got a phone call to say ‘it’s been cancelled again till Monday, could we bring her home’. But, we were told, she had to return on Saturday February 4 before 8am.

The weather that Saturday was horrendous, the night of the snow. It took us well over an hour to get her there, we made it 5 minutes before the deadline of 8am. We could not believe on Sunday morning we got a call to say ‘can you come and get me, it’s been cancelled till Monday February 6’.

Tuesday she got a phone call to say they had made her an appointment to see a doctor on Wednesday 8 February and it was at Halifax.

That Wednesday she had more X-rays and was told it had started to heal. What a surprise, after 8 weeks. But he was going to put a pin in her shoulder as it had dropped. Now the operation was going to be Monday February 13 and she had to be there by 10am. Another trip to Huddersfield.

We could not believe it, when we were told the operation had gone ahead and two pins had been inserted in her arm.

That poor woman had walked around for nine weeks with a broken arm. We are not talking of a teenager but a middle-aged lady trying to run a business. And David Cameron thinks he has made the NHS better!

Oh, I forgot, he will get priority treatment because he is the idiot running our country, and making a mess of that.

Let’s hope he never breaks his arm and is treated as a working-class citizen. Then ask him if he loves the NHS.

This operation was cancelled five times. It’s an absolute disgrace.

R Holden

Acacia Avenue