Let Primark have the Piece Hall

Sunnybank Road


I refer to the many recent suggestions amongst your letters, that a Primark story might be welcome in Halifax.

Why does our Council not listen to what our townspeople really would like and what they would patronise? We are having the massive ongoing project in the Broad Street area, another bowling alley (is it needed), more shops, cinemas, offices etc. Is that what we really need and want?

We have some gems in Halifax, particularly the Piece Hall, which seems to be becoming more and more isolated.

Why not incorporate what the people are calling out for in the Piece Hall regeneration plan and offer a section to Primark?

Primark could build a store in one corner, incorporating the two stories of corridor in its plan, offering a pleasing feature to the interior.

The material used could be the same as was used to construct the modern Halifax building, that mirrors the Victorian Commercial Street.

This would reflect the beauty of the colonnades from all angles. I have gradually come to appreciate this wonderful feature, when mingling the old with the new, it does work!

Primark might be pleased to resurface the Plaza, making it a pleasing entrance. We only need to see what wonderful open areas there are for young and old to enjoy in Sheffield and Manchester where there are super water spouts for the children to run in between.

Ideas are endless. People would be drawn to Primark (or there may be any other popular store interested instead).

They could have a coffee afterwards, maybe a bite to eat then wander off into the various boutiques. There is an excellent Tourist Information Centre and gallery, which more people would become aware of. Let’s get Halifax attractive on the Industrial Revolution Tourist Trail! Why not have a petite train (like lots of towns and cities on the continent) or a hop-on-and-off small bus running at the weekend and holidays?

These could commence at the Piece Hall, having a historical commentary, pointing out the architectural beauty of Commercial Street, the Town Hall, the Minster, locating Eureka, the Gibbet and maybe Dean Clough. I am sure this facility would create interest for visitors, coach parties, educational groups etc. It would be a great way to get ‘a feel of the place’.

f the price was reasonable it would become a local family attraction, opening up areas of the town that even the locals may not be familiar with. We need to inspire people to look at what they have on their doorsteps!

The latest development, in Broad Street, is going to spread Halifax away from its heart, which is where its history lies. We must endeavour to incorporate what the people want and make the WHOLE town satisfy their desires.

Shirley Garnett