Letter: 20mph zones not a benefit

20mph zone sign
20mph zone sign

I would like to ask if someone at some level is making money out of this? I also think that if one of the local MPs would like to get some extra votes, they should hold an inquiry into this, and the waste of public money in these times of austerity.

Also the shambles that was the online website, set up so people could have a say, which would not allow you on it, unless you were in agreement with this scheme.

When you call the council office you either cannot get through, or are left in a phone queue endlessly waiting. No doubt the officials will say you could have gone to the meetings where the officials play lip service to your worries. Where is the democracy in that?

I think that just like Brexit the people in Calderdale should be allowed a true and lawful vote whether to have this scheme put on them or not. It is wasting more money but at least it would be finite.

While most people agree to a 20mph speed limit outside schools at certain times and particular black spots, I doubt they support this blanket speed limit. For instance delivery drivers, taxis, buses, refuse collectors etc - what happens when all the drivers have bans and can’t support their families?

It’s just another layer of bureaucracy and someone is making money from it and trying to say it’s for our collective benefit.

Well, not mine.

Anthony Twibill, By email