Letter: A blot on the landscape

The Ovenden Way Public House
The Ovenden Way Public House

It has now been nearly three-and-a-half years since the Ovenden Way public house was severely damaged in an arson attack. In the intervening period, the residents of the surrounding area have had to gaze daily on this eyesore as efforts to do something with it seem to have spluttered to a regrettable halt.

Considering the Shard tower in London (Europe’s tallest building) was constructed in less time than it has taken to do something with this monstrosity, its continued sorry state is a sad indictment of either council bureaucracy, the owner’s inaction, or both. In a time of severe housing shortages, how many first-time abodes could be constructed on that land?

Whether it is decided to reopen it as a pub sometime before the 22nd century; or whether it’s demolished to make way for much-needed housing; or whether it’s opened as a tourist attraction for rare butterflies, I don’t give a damn what is done with it as long as something is done with it.

How much longer do the residents of this part of north Halifax have to tolerate this blot on our landscape?

Andrew McCann, Cousin Lane, Illingworth, Halifax