Letter: Best outcomes for our pupils

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We are the fifth wealthiest nation yet our educational standards are rated 23rd. How have we reached this position?

In 1998 Tony Blair banned opening selective schools so we have relied on the comprehensive system and more recently academies to educate our children in the state sector. So these schools must be responsible for delivering the recent results. Who’s fault is it?

Those who oppose grammar schools think that the system offered since the 1970s is perfectly adequate and will not contemplate change, despite parents being desperate to get their children into top performing schools, and supporting the grammar school system.

The Left seems determined to set the bar low and two generations have been let down by this attitude.

I can see the effect in the quality of English language used in emails I sometimes receive. Anything such as grammars are considered ‘elitist’ and not to be contemplated. Why would they not want our children to have the best possible education?

I have never received an adequate explanation. Indeed, many of our Labour politicians have sent their children to top private and grammar schools, so what’s the problem?

Social mobility was the norm in the 1960s and children from ‘poor’ backgrounds realised great achievements. Who would want to stop that?

In fact figures still show that poor pupils from grammars are twice as likely to get a place at an elite university as rich children from comprehensives, and poor children at comprehensives are three times less likely to attend a top university as those at grammars.

The figures speak for themselves, but still the Left wants to deprive able children in the name of equality.

The Department of Education figures show the positive outcomes of grammar schools for children from all backgrounds, but there are only 163 left in the country following a ban on new ones.

The Government is considering scrapping the ban, and extending existing ones. This is what parents have clearly said they want.

More than a half of secondary schools are now oversubscribed due to a baby boom fuelled by high migration figures. Head teachers are struggling to juggle funding and sixth forms are closing.

We need a clear plan to pursue the highest possible standards and outcomes for our children, not the same old socialist dogma.

Theresa May has pledged to support those most in need and now is a good time to start.

Councillor Jill Smith-Moorhouse, Conservative, Luddenden Foot