Letter: Calling on all to make Halifax beautiful again

Make Halifax beautiful again
Make Halifax beautiful again

Further to B Darwin’s letter last week, I’m delighted others care about Calderdale litter.

Coincidence or not, I’ve noticed that the central reservation area I complained about has been trimmed down. Well done council - but why stop there?

Two years ago, I was lucky enough to visit Tokyo on holiday. In four days, I didn’t see one piece of litter. Granted, their resources will be a lot greater than Calderdale’s but 13,000,000+ people live there compared to 90,000+ here!

Why shouldn’t every man, woman and child who live here be proud of our lovely town and not drop litter or throw it out of vehicles but put it in bins or take it home with them?

In the words of a long-running West End musical: ‘Will you join in our crusade?’ I’d like the Courier to get behind this and help make Halifax beautiful again.

To show my own commitment, I’m going to spend a day picking up litter around where I live in Sowerby Bridge. I hope I’ve got enough bin-bags!