Letter: Cameras placed to earn money

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This is my second letter in opposition to the blanket 20mph. I did think sense had been realised when various councillors voiced their reservations and the fact that 52 per cent of voters opposed this, but it would appear not.

I’m tired of reading the quote “this will enable people to live a healthier lifestyle”. Get real.

People have to get to work on time, wherever that may be, collect children on time etc etc. Not toddle about smelling the daisies while some poor soul runs into us because they were concentrating on their speedo so much, trying to keep to 20, that they didn’t see us.

It’s high time the motoring and motorcycling organisations of this country got together with their members and just said no to these type of restrictions and the blanket of speed cameras, which are generally placed to earn money, not in an accident spot.

Perhaps it could be published how many readers have opposed the 20mph.

Ian Thomas, By email