Letter: Can hospital cope with increase?

Can hospital cope with increase?
Can hospital cope with increase?

Late Christmas Eve I was admitted to Calderdale Hospital as an emergency. I had a long wait although A&E did not seem overly busy.

I must say the care from ambulance staff to doctors, nurses et al was very thorough and caring.

The doctor said l was ok to go home - 3.30am on Christmas Day once my canula had been removed. This was done by a HCA who said he would get me a taxi. I said l had not thought to bring my purse and as a taxi from where l live in Huddersfield would be expensive l wasn’t in the habit of carrying wads of cash.

He then said that l should always make sure that l had enough cash in case of a reoccurrence.

As a pensioner l hope that was my last Christmas hospital visit. The last time was when my youngest daughter was born on Christmas Day 53 years ago fortunately in Huddersfield.

On a more serious note whilst the staff at Calderdale were lovely the A&E seemed very small and quiet compared to Huddersfield, so how will they cope when a town the size of Huddersfield descends on it? My journey home was surprisingly quick so perhaps these horror stories of impassable traffic have been exaggerated? Jeremy Hunt would love to hear that!

However it was 4am on Christmas Day with no other vehicle in sight. It’s a completely different scenario at any other time. I have heard that the Secretary of State for Health is to visit Huddersfield - but don’t hold your breath!