Letter: Can sixth form be built in time?

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I wholly support the creation of a sixth form college and its potential location in central Halifax.

Such a development would significantly improve the post-16 offer to our young people and provide them with an effective, enjoyable and ‘grown up’ learning experience whilst providing positive spin-offs for the town’s economy.

However, when I was a council cabinet member I, along with my councillor colleagues, was assured that both Northgate House and the old library were no longer fit for purpose and it was not cost-effective to repair them.

Now we are told that it is deemed more cost-effective to refurbish and re-model the buildings to create a sixth form college for Calderdale than it is to demolish and start again. How is this so?

Given recent delays in council projects such as the Piece Hall and redevelopment of Princess Buildings, there are concerns as to whether such a significant scheme can be completed in time for students to start their studies in September 2019.

Also, at what cost will this refurbishment be and how much over budget will it end up?