Letter: Coffee price rise is excessive

Coffee Cali, Woolshops, Halifax.
Coffee Cali, Woolshops, Halifax.

I visit Halifax on a very regular basis, mainly because here is a ‘gem’ of a shopping centre, much better than Bradford, even with the new Broadway Shopping Centre that took very many years in the making.

When in Halifax I normally call at the Coffee Cali situated at the top of Woolshops. It makes a little break, the service is good and the staff very pleasant. Occasionally I indulge myself in a piece of their cake on show.

It is not the cheapest of places. I never have any of the speciality coffees, just a straightforward, normal cup of coffee priced at £1.70.

That is until just recently, after a break of a week or so I called for a cup of coffee; it had been increased a mammoth sum of 30 pence. The cause? Because the price of coffee had increased.

If every cup of coffee out of that bag of dried coffee has increased by that amount of 30p then the overall price gained for that bag of coffee must be astronomical. I would think a price increase of a maximum 5p a cup was more than sufficient so, for my last enjoyable coffee in the Coffee Cali I looked around for somewhere else to rest.

I called into Halifax Market to walk around and near the bottom of the market I found a little open-plan coffee/tea hostelry, two very pleasant ladies serving, quick service and a cup of coffee plus two slices of buttered toast; the cost a princely sum of £1.80 in total.

No need to guess where I call now. A sit down, read my paper, a cup of coffee and a couple of slices of toast, all for less than £2.00.

Ideal and jolly good value (and the snack bar supplies the newspaper).

No doubt the price of their coffee has increased as well, but at £1.20 a cup, who can grumble? I save 80p on the price that Coffee Cali charges.

I just think that the 30p increase is very excessive and to me is profiteering at the expense of the public.

Harry Waston, Cross Lane, Bradford