Letter: Creation of a park and ride may be essential

Calderdale Royal Hospital
Calderdale Royal Hospital

I WRITE regarding the absurdity of Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust’s proposals to demolish nine properties in Dryclough Lane.

I do applaude the trust for not proposing to dispose of the site for short term gains, especially considering that due to the way in which the hospital site has developed over the years, it would now be very difficult to develop this site in a way that would substantially benefit the running of the hospital, due the site being squashed adjacent to private residences.

This proposal comes during a housing crisis and at a time when the press frequently reports on homelessness and how the cost of living is slowly increasing to unsustainable levels.

Although it has been said that these properties are “below acceptable accommodation standards and to renovate them to current standards would require significant resources”, surely the condition of these homes that have been built fairly recently, i.e. within the past 40 years, are more than likely to be in far better condition than what some private tenants are currently living in, judging by numerous TV reports and documentaries that have highlighted the conditions of some private rented accommodation.

I suspect this is probably because of the aims of the trust who have probably set the bar at what they aspire, i.e. all modern decorated interiors or in essence what a new built property would feature today.

Externally these properties have PVC double glazed windows and doors and appear to be structurally sound and watertight.

It is therefore hard to see how much money would be needed in comparison with the cost of demolishing these homes and sending the majority of the waste into landfill.

To lose such valuable accommodation, especially when according to the trust with regards to car parking “it is nowhere near sufficient to fulfil the demand”, falls nothing short of scandalous.

I do appreciate the pressing need for more car parking not just for members of staff but also the general public.

But this is why the trust should be proactively calling upon Calderdale Council to develop a park and ride.

Something that could be provided at North Dean adjacent to Stainland Road where buses pass less than every ten minutes, en route to Halifax via Salterhebble, past the hospital.

This park and ride could be developed as a standalone scheme or as part of a new station to serve Elland, Greetland, Stainland, West Vale and Holwell Green, something that would significantly increase its justification.

The creation of a park and ride may become essential should part or whole of Huddersfield Hospital be relocated to Halifax.